Best & Worst Methods to Hang Your Outdoor Holiday Lighting

After unpacking and testing your holiday lights, you’re finally ready to hang them on your house. Believe it or not – this is your biggest challenge! Both your lights and hanging methods have to safely endure the outdoor elements. This brings into question – what is the best method to hang your lights? Answer – it depends.

TIP: Please make sure you choose a mild, dry day to hang your lights. It will make your holiday lighting experience more enjoyable.


73363567_d0966c47e9 Tape – Even though tape may work for a few days, it won’t endure changing temperatures and precipitation. Plus, it could peel painted surfaces during removal.

Staples – This method is DANGEROUS! You risk damaging your lights, electrocuting yourself, and creating a fire hazard. It may also damage your home.

Nails- Depends on the contents of your home, but this easy method can damage your it.


IMG_1279Hot Glue – The hot glue method has been successful on brick/concrete homes, but this will damage painted areas by peeling the paint during removal. Rapidly changing weather conditions may also make this method fail.


Hanging-Christmas-Lights-Attachment-clipsPlastic Gutters Clips – These clips are easy to use and effective for hanging your holiday lights. Make sure you have clean and stable gutters.

Shingle Tabs – Don’t have a gutter? No problem! Shingle tabs allow to efficiently attaching your lights to the roof without any damage to your home.

Let Property Creations safely and efficiently install your holiday lighting this season!