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Plan & Schedule Your Holiday Lighting Display Early

10882226_359230284256389_8057460689710325918_nRight now, you’re planning a family vacation. But, what if you also started planning your holiday lighting display right now? Usually, we wait until a few weeks before Thanksgiving to start thinking about Christmas. Before you know it, you’re eating an abundance of cookies due to the stress of planning holiday decorations and festivities.

Besides the feeling of accomplishment – there are a number of advantages of planning and scheduling your holiday lighting early.

  1. Save Up for Professional Installation

Think about it. It would be great to no longer sweat the small stuff. With professional holiday lighting experts, like us, you won’t have to deal with the chore of installing, maintaining, and storing your holiday lighting display. That’s a large weight off of your shoulders!

  1. More Planning Time

The holiday season always goes by in a blur. When you find the time to put up Christmas lights, you try to put them up as fast as possible. Planning early gives you more time to explore ideas and decide on your theme.

  1. More Options

Scheduling early gives you the widest choice of decorations and access to the latest trends. You’ll have first choice on lighting options, wreaths, trees, and displays.

  1. First Choice Installation Scheduling

If you wait until later in the year to contact us, you may be turned away. Our schedule fills up quickly – usually by Black Friday. If we are able to squeeze you in the schedule, you probably won’t get your first choice on the installation date. Schedule early – you won’t regret it!

  1. Take Care of Repairs Early

Sometimes holiday lighting can be unpredictable. From power outages to broken bulbs, there is a long list of things that can go wrong. Planning ahead can help us prepare for any unexpected problems. Since you’ll have early installation, we can detect these problems early, so you won’t have to deal with these problems during your annual holiday party or Christmas day.

Planning and scheduling early has its advantages. From unlimited holiday lighting options to picking your installation date, it will be the most stress free holiday ever. Spend less time worrying about holiday decorations and more time with family and friends this upcoming holiday season.