LED vs Incandescent Lights

christmas-lightsBetween the gifts, decorations, travel, and food, the holidays are expensive. Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees. When people go to the store for holiday lights, they generally try to buy the least expensive option. For example, a 100ct string of incandescent lights costs $7.99, and a 70ct string of LED lights costs $12.99. Most of us would choose the least expensive option – the incandescent lights.

LED lights are the exception to this rule. This is why.

  • Lights are brighter
  • Extremely low wattage
  • Connect up to 43 stings (only able to connect 5 incandescent strings)
  • Unbreakable bulbs
  • 200,000 hour lifespan
  • ENERGY STAR approved
  • Color never fades, peels, or chips
  • Mercury free
  • 90% fewer Co2 emissions

The quality of LED lights make up for the initial cost. Incandescent light strings are breakable, require more power, don’t last as long, and need more extension cords. By buying LED lights, you will spend less time repairing and installing your holiday lights.

Using LED lights not only lessens your stress this holiday season, it lessens the burden on your wallet. The average cost of LED lights is $13 – $30, but the cost to run 10 LED mini light strings is $1.30 compared to $11.06 for 10 incandescent mini light strings.

Leave the holiday lighting to the professionals! Call us for an estimate this holiday season.

Information from Christmas Lights Ect