Holiday Decorating Tips

With the holidays quickly approaching, you’re starting to brainstorm holiday decorating ideas. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with unlimited ideas from Google and Pinterest. The “to do list” keeps building. At this point, you may be slightly panicking.


Take a breath! We have three tips below to help make your holiday decorating a breeze.

Tip #1: Space Holiday Lights Evenly
Holiday lighting makes everything more festive, warm, and welcoming! When you turn them on, you feel 8 years old again. That moment could be ruined by unevenly spaced lights. It looks jumbled with dark spaces existing in random places.

Try lighting the space section by section to make sure it is evenly lighted. You can make corrections as you go. If you’re decorating a Christmas tree, follow an “S” or wave pattern.

Tip #2: Don’t Put Holiday Lights on the Sidewalk
Lining your sidewalk with holiday lights seems easy and festive, but it’s a bad idea. They tend to get beaten up and easily broken. You’ll end up replacing light bulbs constantly. Instead, put lights on your home and nearby bushes. Your sidewalk will still be brightened up.

Tip #3: Use LED Lights
Yes. They are more expensive, but it will pay off on the long run! LED lights use less energy making things easier when you have limited power sources. You are able to connect more strings together. You won’t have to replace your light strings as frequently. Incandescent lights only have a 3,000 hour lifespan when LED lights have 200,000 hour lifespan. The color is painted on to Incandescent lights, so it wears off easily. LED light color is in the plastic, so it will never fade, chip or peel. If you want better looking, longer lasting holiday lights, go with LED lights.

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