When Should You Take Down Your Holiday Lights?


To be honest – it’s personal preference. Just like extreme Christmas decorating, there is extreme Christmas take-down. There’s a lot of work that goes into decorating, so most people dread taking down their holiday lighting.

We, Property Creations, usually start taking down our clients’ holiday lighting the day after New Year’s Day or otherwise known as January 2nd. New Year’s Day happens to be the last holiday of the holiday season, so we use that day as a point of reference that it’s time to take down holiday decorations.

There are a number of people that choose to wait until February or the last snow. That’s understandable – holiday lighting looks even better with snow. There are ways to make you Christmas decorations relevant a couple months after the holiday. You can simply transform your Christmas decorations to Valentine’s Day pieces, then St. Patrick’s Day, and lastly Easter decorations. This takes a lot of creativity and time, but it ensures that your house won’t seem bare until late Spring. Plus, you could slowly take down your decorations instead of setting aside time to take down all of them at once.

There are those people who keep their lighting up year-round. We are not fans. Keeping your holiday lighting may seem tacky to your neighbors. With the changing seasons, your lighting may wear faster resulting in electrical problems and burned out bulbs. This may turn your holiday lighting experience into a nightmare. Lastly, it takes away your appreciation for Christmas lights in general.

Our advice – schedule your extreme Christmas take-down during the first week of January or make your decorations relevant to the upcoming holiday (no later than Easter).